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AmaWaterways River Cruise

Soulful Experience


Nov. 13-23, 2024

Soulful Experience

Egypt & The Nile

May 14-25, 2025

Soulful Experience

South Africa

June 13-23, 2025

Upcoming Experiences 

Soulful Experience

Aug. 21 -31, 2025

Soulful Experience


Oct. 18-25, 2025

Soulful Experience


Nov. 11-21, 2025

Join Pinkney Travel Group for an exceptional journey on AmaWaterways' Soulful Experience Cruise.

Experience the wonders of the African diaspora on an unforgettable journey. Dive into the history and culture of ancient civilizations with exclusive access to significant archaeological sites and prestigious palaces. Engage with the vibrant traditions and welcoming spirit of the Nubian people during culturally rich village visits.​


The exploration continues in South Africa with special itineraries commemorating important cultural dates. Experience wildlife through unique safaris and connect with the history of Nelson Mandela through visits to key landmarks.​


In Colombia, revel in the festivity of local music and colorful Carnaval events, and taste the renowned richness of Colombian coffee. The journey culminates in Paris, where you can trace the city's deep Black historical roots through visits to iconic landmarks and lively cultural districts, including a tribute to the legendary entertainer Josephine Baker.


This journey offers a profound connection to the heritage and landscapes of the places you'll visit. Join Pinkney Travel Group for an exploration that promises both luxury and enlightening experiences.

Celebrating Black History and Culture

Soulful Experience  Collection

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